Guran: A Continent Divided

First Adventures

Every great hero in history has started out as nothing more than we are now.

Campaign Summary

A Continent Divided

The PC’s were left to face to formian taskmasters, formidable foes for them to begin against. PC1 used lightning to great effect, while suspended in the air below Spark, who was hovering calmly above the battle. Rothgar flew into a rage and began to use his claws to great effect on one of the taskmasters, ripping parts of it’s chitin off. PC2 attacked the Formians up close while PC3 took a shot from his crossbow. One of the taskmaster’s tried to claw Rothgar, to little effect, while another stung PC2. The enslaved humans attacked Rothgar.

Rothgar ignore the humans, instead focusing on the taskmaster, which he hurt more. PC1 attempted to put the Formians to sleep using a spell from a scroll, but only succeeded in knocking out their slaves. PC2 did some more damage up close and personal, while PC3 added another quarrel to the taskmaster that PC2 was fighting. The Formians struck back, wounding both Rothgar and PC2.

A fiendish scorpion came into existence, and attacked one of the dozing henchman, hurting him badly. Rothgar finally killed the taskmaster he was fighting, and moved to take out the henchmen. PC2 and PC3 continued to work on the other taskmaster. One of the taskmasters focused on Spark, and he was engaged in a battle of wills as the foul insect sought to dominate his mind.

The scorpion and the barbarian moved in harmony, finishing off the henchmen, while PC2 and PC3 brought the sole remaining enemy near to death. The last Formian formed it’s mental energies into a spear, and launched it at Spark’s mind. Spark temporarily lost control of his body, and nearly dropped PC1, before he was able to stop himself. PC1 cursed, and cast a spell. Several bolts of energy lanced out at the insectiod creature, who sensing defeat, turned tail and fled.

The Formian, however was out of luck. Furious at his foes, Rothgar ran the final enemy to ground, and ripped it’s head from it’s shoulders.

Run Through the Woods

Panting, the adventurers scanned the mist for more enemies. Nothing stirred. Relieved they set out, looking for other surviving Gurarians, as they began a trek to the nearest village, with Rothgar in the lead.

Several times, their calls attracted hostile responses from Formian warriors. Other times they stumbled upon Formians that had butchered humans that had fled. Eventually, they stumbled upon some routing Guranians, being pursued by Formain warriors. The Guranians are able to turn the table’s, with help from the party, and the survivors agree to meet the by now weary party at the nearest village.

Eventually, the party stumbles into a dryad’s grove. PC2 is able to convince the dryad to help them on their way, and warns the dryad of the enroaching danger. They follow the path, and just miss walking into owlbears that appear to be ready to ambush anyone who walks by. Thinking quickly PC1 summons a minor monster, and instructs it to distract the owlbears, as the party quickly sneaks by.

Now at the point of exhaustion, from repeated skirmishes, and constant marching, the group is near the village that they have been heading for. Suddenly however, a keen rents the air, and a translucent figure steps out of the shadows and attacks Rothgar. His touch carries the coldness of death, and Rothgar must call on his strength as a feral barbarian to resist. The party prepares for one last battle.

Spark uses his longsword to devastating effect, while Rothgar’s enchanted claws rip the ghost’s unnatural essence. PC1 calls forth lightning from a scroll, and hurls a bolt at the abomination. PC2 uses repeated missiles of force to wear the spirit down. The ghost is not without powers of it’s own, and before being vanquished uses it’s gaze break the steel in Rothgar’s spine, and make him run away. With the main combatant removed, things begin to look desperate.

PC1 summons help from the planes, while Spark and PC2 continue their relentless assault. Annoyed by the new combatants, the ghost attempts to posses PC1, but is ultimately unsuccessful, and succumbs to the massed might of the party. Before expiring, the black haired Ravinna gives the party this message: “It is too late for you anyway. even though you banished me, the other threat shall engulf you all. It was my master’s folly to disrupt that gate, now they come from…”

The ghost is cut off as a large humanoid emerges from the trees and swings a mighty fist at it. The ghost dissipates to the sound of cackling laughter. The party prepare for yet another battle, but (wisely) decide to ask questions first. They find out the large creature was formerly a Marut, and learn that he was dispatched to kill a necromancer. The necromancer proved to great for him, and he opened a planar portal to bring reinforcements in from his home plane, The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. The Lich disrupted this plane, causing a rift to open between the prime material plane and The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus.

This rift turned the Marut into flesh and blood. He understands the danger of the Formians, and agrees to help the party, with the stipulation that they eventually help him finish his mission, and fix the rift so that natural laws once again apply. The party wearily agrees and then sets off for the village.

When they arrive, they here interesting news. As well as them and the other Guranian survivors, a Ramalthian survived and was captured. They agree to talk to him, and then quickly hit the sack.

Note: The PC’s are a few sessions beyond this point now, but this is all I’ve been able to write up so far. Once I get caught up, I’m going to experiment with the writing a bit, but for now it’s going to be pretty simple. I also need to make sure of the spelling on some PC names, so for now they are placeholders.

As well, I don’t have any character descriptions to post. I’m going to try to get the players to make some up for their characters.

Finally, PC3 dropped out after the first adventure.



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