Player Characters

The Party is made up of 5 PC’s

  • Spark Played by Tori (Half Dragon Wiz 3/War 2)
  • Dodrys Played by Isaac (Human Sor 7)
  • Sasuki Played by Melissa (Elf Druid 3/ Sorcerer 4)
  • Rothgar Played by David (Feral Human Barbarian 7)
  • (placeholder) Played by Dave (Human Cleric 8)


Sasuki, by Melissa

History: Sasuki grew up a normal elf child, with her parents, who were very adventurous, and taught Sasuki how to wield a sword, escape danger, and other skills needed for adventuring. She also learnd the ways of the druid. When Sasuki was 93 she decided she could not stay at home, and left to learn how to control the sorcerer magic she had. When Sasuki was 113 she left her sorcery master and went searching for adventure. After she left her master, she lived wandering around, searching for adventure.

When she was 116, she met some adventurers, and seeing an opportunity, she set off with them.

Description: Sasuki is a Elf of 116 years with very long brown hair worn in a ponytail with hair cow licked to fall around her light green upturned eyes and pointed ears and thin, tanned face.

She wears a red silk embroidered, high collared sleeveless dress down just above her knees, slit at the sides, with a short straight skirt underneath. She has cloth wrapped around her legs and feet to protect them and act as shoes. She also wears a long, wide, black cloak with short sleeves. Her sword she keeps in a finely tooled sheath, strapped at her hip. She is slightly tall, for an elf, and slim. Her voice is low and smooth as if used to talking calmly to animals. She tends to be emotional and quick to anger, but usually chatty and kindhearted. She walks with pride, almost in a dance.


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